KILLS Airborne Viruses, Bacteria and More

Allergy Relief

I have been suffering from allergies all of my life and have tried multiple remedies to help with the difficulty of living with this. I was referred by a friend of mine who just recently became aware of a very simple device that he uses for added protection against Covid 19. He was so impressed that he was buying this product, MyBlocker, for his whole Company. He gave me one to try a few weeks ago, being a nurse, I was very skeptical, but within an hour of wearing this lanyard around my neck, I really did feel a difference in my breathing where I did not have the normal congestion I would feel regularly. It has been a week since using the SDS Blocker (MyBlocker – I like that since I wear a mask at work all the time) and not only has this product made a world of difference in my allergies but it also has given me a very high sense of protection against Covid as well. They had made me a believer and I promote it to the nurses I work with and soon I think our entire staff will be wearing these.

Lynette C., RN
Dublin, Ohio

Extra Protection

I ran across your product from a friend of mine, he was wearing a lanyard around his neck MyBlocker. I inquired about it, and he told me he would get me one. I recently had several stints put in recently and at the age of 65 with several medical conditions I am worried about Covid as well as other viruses that we are exposed to today. With my medical condition being what it is I look for any additional protection I can get to keep me healthy. After a lifetime of being a high-level stockbroker with Met-life as well as a financial planner, I do a fair amount of research on what I buy or use. Looking into your product I found that your product has been in the market globally for about 16 years and that your Company actually invented this for relief to allergies. Actually, quite impressive. Well so far, I am quite impressed and feel safer wearing this product far more than I do wearing a mask.

Randy B., Retired
Indian Lake, Ohio

The Science Convinced Him

I was referred to your product from a friend and since my job consists of a lot of personal contact (VP with a major Beer Company) my territory is all up and down the east coast and I am always looking for added protection. Once referred to your Company, I started looking into the science behind it, it made perfect sense to me. I just received your product a few days ago and since have had many requests from co-workers as well as clients. I believe this product will be very effective in helping not only myself but working masses in general. Keep up the good work.

Willy M
Alexandria VA

Simple, Affordable and Effective

I was referred to your Company from an associate that manages many of the Sport Event Arenas around the Country. After speaking with one of your representatives and given the information I requested, I was quite impressed with the simplicity of your product but also the effectiveness your product delivers for such a low price. I am a retired board-certified plastic surgeon who served many years in the limelight with offices in Beverly Hills. Being well versed in the medical field I was quite impressed on how you were able to develop such an effective product with a slow release that has never been done before – kudos 

Dr. Jim B.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I’m a Happy Believer

I was introduced to your product by a dear friend who wanted my opinion. Upon receiving the lanyard and the sachet with the actual patented granular product inside, I was curious to see how it worked based upon other products I have been exposed to. Let me start out by saying I am brought thousands of products every year to endorse on my Talk Radio shows as well as my TV Show’s, so it is nothing new for me to get asked these questions. One of the first things I do is go right to the source and set up a call with the owner or inventor. I was able to do this in a few days to learn the science and history behind the MyBlocker product. I was quite surprised to see that this product was invented almost 16 years ago by a doctor for the purpose of protecting his newborn twins from allergies and other pathogens. After several calls with the Doctor and really understanding the science behind it along with very impressive testing, I was becoming a believer. Once I was comfortable with the science, I used MyBlocker everywhere I went. Since my job does require contact with people and me being in my 70’s, I do plan on the side of caution, and once I believe in a product, I will use that product constantly, this product I Believe In.

Once I believe in a product I use it, case in point – I was traveling in a car with a client and friend heading to a meeting, spent all day with her, the next day she calls me and tells me she has Covid. I didn’t panic but did go to the pharmacy to get tested. Wow tested negative, God Bless, not sure if the MyBlocker saved me but I can tell you I was extremely happy I had the extra layer of protection with me.

Kathryn R.
Cincinnati, Ohio