Phone Shield (Black) – 30 Day Attachable Protection


KILLS Airborne Viruses, Bacteria and More

Phone Shield (Black) - 30 Day Attachable Protection

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  • – Safe and easily attaches to all mobile phones
  • – ClO2 quickly kills or deactivates many pathogens
  • – ClO2 neutralizes pollen in the air
  • – ClO2 neutralizes odors and sanitizes
  • – Do not open sachet containing ClO2
  • – This product is not for human consumption
  • – Direct contact with water will render the product ineffective

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  1. I love the My Blocker Phone Shield as my extra layer of protection. It easily sticks onto the back of any mobile phone and it has been durable the entire 30 days the product emits CLO2. Why not keep your phone germ and bacteria free? It makes too much sense. And, after a few days I didn’t notice the My Blocker was attached to the phone due to it’s size. As a male, my phone fits into a pant pocket the same way.

  2. I have horrible allergies; however, I didn’t realize how horrible until I got formerly tested during the lockdowns. My coughing was over the top and everyone was afraid of me, and having to wear a mask only aggravated my condition. The tests concluded that I was allergic to dust and every tree among other things. So much in fact that they recommended I do the injection therapy to help my body build up a resistance, but who wants to go weekly to be injected with all the junk that makes them sick in the first place. This product has helped me so much. On a scale of 1-10, it’s taken me from a 10 to a 4 or lower without the need to take my everyday allergy medications which consisted of OTC medications and prescription. There were days that I was taking an allergy pill and using an inhaler and nasal spray.

    In an effort to be healthier and to minimize the amount of drugs I kept putting into my body, I was excited to try the MyBlocker. After a couple of days wearing it, I noticed a significant improvement in my allergies. Some days it was so significant that I didn’t even know I had them. Now the only time they flare up is when I’m not using the MyBlocker or if there is a big change in my environment. I am happy to report that even in that instance, after a couple of days wearing the MyBlocker, my system settles and eventually its as if they were never there once again. I LOVE this product and am thankful to have found something that is effective for my allergies but also safe, natural and doesn’t come in the shape of a pill.

    Kim T. Chicago, 1/26/2022

  3. MyBlocker is the best allergy relief product to hit the market in the past decade. I am so excited a friend recommended it to me! I was spending $30 a month on over counter drugs that didn’t work such as: Allegra, Zyrtec and Flonase. Within two days of wearing the My Blocker my breathing improved as well as my sleep habits.